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Hey! Thank you downloading Krate Konnect. This is a short guide to get you started using Krate Konnect and also get you through so issue that may happen when trying to setup. To get started using Krate Konnect do the following:

1. After you download the Krate Konnect DMG file, open it up and slide the App into the application folder as follows.

2. When you download it for the first time you may get notification like this.

3. To fix this go to system preferences > security & privacy. Click the lock in the bottom left corner. Then in the allow apps to download from section. Click "open anyway".

4. Once you open Krate Konnect it lives in your top corner in the tool bar for macs. You can also open it with the shortcut ctrl + L.

5. When you first open the app it should look like the following. Go through the sign up instruction. If you have any question email

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